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Storytelling at its Best

Earlier today, I was discussing about use of storytelling to make viral and shareable ads, and one of Samsung India’s ads comes to mind, which was YouTube's Most-Watched Video Globally in 2017.

Samsung, with its existence in India since 1995, in several consumer electronics segments, is a household name in the country and is associated with reliability. To promote its extensive service that has a coverage across every corner of the country, especially through its service trucks launched in October 2016, Samsung came up with a television and digital ad in December 2016.

The ad highlights the journey of a Samsung service expert, who is on his way to provide service in a remote village. The story reiterates the company’s vision of creating long lasting relationship with its consumers through timely service.

It is not the journey of the engineer that is the makes the ad a storytelling masterpiece, it is whom he is going to service and why. The customers are a group of visually impaired kids living in a remote orphanage, whose television is broken down and needs to be fixed urgently.

The question that would now come to your mind is why visually impaired kids would want to get their television fixed urgently. The answer comes seconds after the television is fixed – one of their friends who is also visually impaired starts singing from the television, having been selected for a reality show.

Their joy is unmeasurable and is sure to make even the coldest of people smile. The ad ends with the campaign message - ‘We’ll Take Care of You, Wherever You Are’.

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