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Here is one example that always comes to mind whenever I think about how a campaign can seamlessly engages social media, offline campaigns, and audience engagement to promote its innovative products. Apple launched the #ShotOniPhone challenge on January 22, 2019, asking people to post their best photographs, captured using an iPhone, on Instagram, Twitter, or Weibo with the #ShotOniPhone hashtag and the model number of the phone.

Ten winning photos from the campaign, which ended on February 7, 2019, were featured on Apple Newsroom, Apple’s Instagram channels, Apple’s website, in Apple retail stores, Apple WeChat, Apple Twitter accounts, Apple Weibo accounts and billboards around the world. While the campaign ended in 2019 as a user generated content campaign, the #ShotOniPhone has become a trend itself, with over 20,622,344 posts on Instagram only at the time of writing this post.

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