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strategian. noun. an expert in strategy (especially in corporate warfare)

Storyteller | Brand Builder | PR Specialist | Corp. Comm. Expert | Digital Marketing Wizard | Digital Disruptor | Lensman | Wildlife Foster Parent​​

Shabbir is a storyteller with a technical bent of mind - a brand and communications specialist and a digital disruption expert. In a career spanning over 10 years, Shabbir has worked across multiple industries, helping brands find their voice in a cluttered and noisy digital world. A foster parent to three elephants and rhino, Shabbir is an ardent supporter of wildlife welfare and advocates against their unethical use in the tourism industry.



There has been an ongoing debate on the dependence of traditional media and social media when planning a campaign, and I thought of...


Here is one example that always comes to mind whenever I think about how a campaign can seamlessly engages social media, offline...

Old Spice in New Campaign

When we talk about successful campaigns by legacy brands to target a younger audience, the hugely successful ‘The Man Your Man Could...


2020 – the year which has created history. It has changed the way mankind functions. It has made us realise and cherish the basic...

Embracing & Enjoying Uncertainties

Life is all about uncertainties. As much as one wants to, they cannot control their life. Every year for me has been unique. But, it has...