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Shabbir Akhtar

Content, Creative & Communication Strategist

I am a content, creative, and communication strategist, with a unique blend of technical acumen and storytelling prowess. With over a decade of experience, I specialize in helping brands carve out their distinct voice in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

My educational background in engineering, coupled with a diploma in advertising, post-graduate studies in marketing, and a master's degree in communication management, equips me with the skills to leverage technology and captivate audiences on behalf of the brands I represent. I have honed my strategic thinking abilities by completing Harvard Business School's online course on Disruptive Strategy, enabling me to develop executive-level strategies, identify new opportunities and mitigate potential threats.

As a graduate of Singapore Management University's unique Master of Science in Communication Management program, I was fortunate to receive a Leadership Scholarship and achieve recognition on the Dean's List. This academic journey solidified my commitment to continuous growth and deepened my understanding of the power of strategic communication.

Throughout my career, I have seamlessly transitioned from a digital marketing specialist to a multifaceted strategist encompassing strategic content creation, creative development, and corporate communication. By fostering an intrapreneurial mindset, I successfully strategised and implemented a range of innovative campaigns that resonated with the target audiences.

In my current role as AGM - Corporate Marketing & Technology Adoption at Globsyn Group, I serve as the Head - Marketing & Communication and Technology Adoption. Here, I orchestrate comprehensive marketing and communication strategies while driving digital adoption initiatives. Leveraging my extensive background in both engineering and communication management, I lead cross-functional teams to develop innovative campaigns that amplify Globsyn's brand voice and facilitate technology integration within the educational framework. By spearheading efforts to enhance digital literacy and engagement, I play a pivotal role in propelling Globsyn towards its mission of delivering cutting-edge education in today's rapidly evolving landscape.

I have also served on the jury of PRCA APAC Awards, lending my expertise to assess campaigns in categories such as Best Digital and New Media Campaign, Best Technology Campaign, Young Communicator of the Year, among others - further exemplifying my deep industry insight and recognition.

My unique combination of technical expertise, creativity and strategic thinking enables me to navigate the complex digital landscape and unlock brand potential. I am passionate about crafting compelling narratives that cut through the noise and leave a lasting impact.

If you are seeking a seasoned professional who can elevate your brand's storytelling, I am ready to collaborate with you. Let's connect and explore the possibilities together.​

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The Better Side of Me

In addition to helping brands achieve their content, creative and communication objectives, my true passions lie in travel, photography and wildlife welfare. Through the blog FoFaFiFl Club, I share captivating tales and visuals from my journeys, carefully curated alongside my wife, Farha, who operates the agency Strategian, dedicated to supporting organizations in the social and development sectors. Our shared passion for travel has also led us to conceptualize Bespoke Luxury Travel. Spearheaded by Farha, and supported by the several connections we have made across the globe during our travels, BLT helps fellow travellers experience destinations we've passionately explored.

We are fervent advocates for animal welfare, opposing their unethical exploitation in the tourism industry. Taking action on this belief, Farha and I support the well-being of three orphaned animals in Kenya – two African elephants and a genetically-blind rhino. Furthermore, we sponsor an Asian elephant in Cambodia, whose rescue from the logging industry was a cause close to our hearts.

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